"Each of the EP’s four tracks is built around grinding loops that bludgeon but also begin to morph and hypnotize, as with this track in which a scraping beat seems to rub backward against the flow of the bass."
"LA’s Nick Viola always comes correct as Fractured Transmission, whether he’s dishing out old school power noise or taking a cue from contemporary techno sounds. On this, one of three tracks on the latest Fractured Transmission release, we’re getting a little bit of both, with a stormy but sculpted bit of bluster being smoothed out by the mildest hints of bouncing harmonics. A spoonful of sequencing makes the concrete go down."
"Viola is certainly no newcomer to noisy and aggressive fare, but by tilting his work in a more rhythmic direction he’s found new opportunities to expand his horizons, and rhythmic noise feels all the fresher for it. Buy it."
Fractured Transmission is a Los Angeles-based producer and DJ who creates and delivers a uniquely unsettling mix of techno and industrial sound. Focusing on relentless, punishing, and bleak industrial soundscapes along with violent, rhythmic noise, Fractured Transmission thoughtfully coerces the two into a living, breathing, writhing machine.
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